Lorelei Ambrosia
Lorelei Ambrosia
Real Name Lorelei Ambrosia
Gender Female
Movie Superman III
Portrayed by Pamela Stephenson
Status Alive

Lorelei Ambrosia was the assistant, among other things, to Ross Webster.


Superman IIIEdit

Lorelei Ambrosia worked as a psychic nutritionist for corporate fat cat Ross Webster at his company Webscoe Industries. She usually portrays herself as being rather ditzy and a stereotypical "dumb blonde", but she secretly hides her above average intelligence. During the time when Superman was under the thrall of the synthetic Kryptonite's power that changed his moral behaviors, Lorelei enjoyed a one-night affair with the Man of Steel. However, when his true heroic form returned, she was rebuffed when she called Superman "honey" and he didn't return the same affections, saying the man that she was with is now gone.

After the destruction of Gus Gorman's "Ultimate Computer", Lorelei was turned over to the authorities along with Ross Webster's sister Vera.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Ironically, actress Pamela Stephenson is actually a fully trained psychologist in real life.