"Golly, Miss Lane, it's too bad Mr. Kent wasn't here to see all this."
―Jimmy Olsen[src]

Jimmy Olsen was a photographer for the Daily Planet. He met Clark Kent when he started working for the paper and is frequently the folly of its editor, Perry White.



Jimmy is a bow tie-wearing, red-haired young man who works as a cub reporter and photographer for the Daily Planet, alongside Lois Lane and Clark Kent, both of whom he idolizes as career role models. He also has a strong admiration for Superman. He manages to photograph Superman and states to Clark that it is a shame that he is never around to see Superman in action.

Superman IIEdit

Jimmy was present in the Daily Planet building when Lex Luthor brings General Zod, Non and Ursa into Perry's office to confront Superman and Lois. He then watches and photographs Superman's battle with the three rouge Kryptonians in the nighttime skyline of Metropolis.

Superman IIIEdit

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Jimmy and Lucy.

Jimmy later had a relationship with Lois Lane's sister Lucy and would visit her during her weekends away from the all-girls prep school that she attended. It was during one of those visits that he saw Supergirl in action, though he never revealed this news to the outside world when she departed after finding the Omegahedron.

Superman IV: The Quest For PeaceEdit

Jimmy continued to work at the Daily Planet throughout the time the paper was temporarily taken over by Warfield Publications.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Marc McClure beat out Jeff East (who portrayed Clark Kent as a teenager) for the role of Jimmy Olsen.


  • Jimmy Olsen is the only character to appear in all five Superman Anthology films, and also the only character from the Superman films to appear in 1984's Supergirl.
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