Eve Teschmacher
Eve Teschmacher
Real Name Eve Teschmacher
Alias(es) Miss Teschmacher
Gender Female
Movie Superman
Superman II
Portrayed by Valerie Perrine
Status Alive

Eve Teschmacher is the assistant/mistress of Lex Luthor. She often questions Lex's morals and has an obvious crush on Superman.



Eve lives with Lex Luthor in his palatial underground hideout in Metropolis. When a policeman following Otis was killed by Luthor's doing she claims that he is "sick". After learning that Lex intended to launch missiles at two parts of the United States, Eve asks Lex why many people would have to die and showed her disapproval.

She aids Lex breaking into a museum to steal Kryptonite. Lex uses the Kryptonite to render Superman powerless and shows him his plan of detonating two nuclear devices that have been reprogrammed to detonate at specific locations: the first toward the San Andreas Fault where it will cause a massive earthquake that will level much of California; the other botchily heading toward Hackensack, New Jersey.

Lex puts the Kryptonite around Superman's neck and as its radiation weakens him he pushes him into Luthor's pool to drown him before leaving. Eve, fearing for the life of her mother in Hackensack, jumped in to rescue him. She dragged him out then kissed him. she then removed the Kryptonite after Superman promised that he would stop the missile heading towards New Jersey first.

Superman IIEdit

Lex escapes his prison cell with Otis while Eve arrived in a hot-air balloon to lift him out. The leave Otis behind in the prison as bait while flying away. Following Lex's "black box", he and Eve travel north on a snowmobile until they reach Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Eve points out that it lacks a bathroom upon revealing her need for relief. While Lex watched one of Jor-El's holograms describing the threat of General Zod, Eve finds out there is a bathroom there after all.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The role of Eve Teschmacher was originally offered to Goldie Hawn and Ann Margaret, who both wanted too much money for the part.