Bizarro, AKA "Evil Superman", was created by the custom built Kryptonite made by Gus Gorman.


Gus Gorman discovered an "unknown" element in Kryptonite, he improvises by replacing the unidentified element with tar. Meanwhile, Superman began to question his own self-worth on the world, and, as the tar-laced Kryptonite took effect on him, he became depressed, angry, and casually destructive, committing petty acts of vandalism such as blowing out the Olympic Flame, straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa and ripping open the hull of an oil tanker, causing the contents to spill into the sea. The "Bad Superman" also becomes scruffy looking as his bright blue and red suit becomes transformed into more of a maroon & dark blue colour.

Meanwhile, Superman drowns his depression in a drinking binge, but is eventually overcome by guilt and undergoes a nervous breakdown. After nearly crash-landing in a landfill yard, Superman splits into two personas: the evil, selfish, corrupted Superman and the moral, righteous Clark Kent. They engage in an epic battle across the junkyard, with Bizarro repeatedly trying and failing to kill Clark by crushing him in industrial equipment. They are both seemingly matched as Bizarro, despite his powers, becomes more physically weakened after using them, while Clark still has his superhuman strength from the sun, but none of Superman's powers of flight or heat vision.

The battle ends when Clark bursts through the walls of a machine crusher in rage and strangles his evil identity, vanquishing Bizarro for good. As a battered but unbowed Clark gazes up at the heavens, he pulls his shirt open to reveal the crest of his house. Restored to his normal heroic self, Superman sets off to repair the damage his evil counterpart had caused.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Bizarro's superhuman abilities are powered by the energy of Earth's yellow sun. His abilities are identical to that of Superman.

  • Super Strength: When he is directly exposed to sunlight his strength levels are greatly increased.
  • Flight: He is capable of self-propelled flight.
  • Invulnerability: his invulnerability has also increased with his age. He is immune to human illnesses and bullets bounce off him. He is also highly resistant to energy-based attacks.
  • Super Healing: When he is wounded, he heals quickly if not instantaneously.
  • Super Speed: He can run at speeds faster than the speed of sound. He emits an aura when using his superspeed.
  • Super Stamina: He can run for long periods of time without getting tired.
  • X-Ray Vision: He can see through any solid object except for lead. It may appear as a skeletal image similar to the ones seen on hospital x-rays, or it may be a full colour image.
  • Heat Vision: He can also project force with his heat vision.
  • Super Hearing: He can hear indirect whispers and both sides of telephone conversations.
  • Super Breath: His breath is powerful enough to freeze an entire lake.
  • Super Vision: He has the ability to see things miles away.
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